Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton 
3747 Brick Schoolhouse Road 
P.O. Box 149
Hamlin, NY 14464

All Are Welcome!

 Preparation and Celebration

Infant Baptisms: Congratulation about the new addition to your family!
Parents participate in a Baptism preparation session prior to Baptism. Please contact Fr. Joe (585-747-3649) three months prior to the Baptism.


Confirmation:  Preparation is a two year program with Celebration in the spring after the preparation is completed.  Celebration will be at Sacred Heart Cathedral.  Registration is required – call the Faith Formation office at 964-8200 to register and for more information.

Eucharist:  Preparation is done in the late winter/early spring with Celebration in early spring at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton.  All candidates must attend a Religious Education program the year prior to preparation.  Registration is required – call the Faith Formation office at 964-8200 to register and for more information

Reconciliation: Available by appointment and on Saturday between 4:00-4:45PM at Nativity, and by appointment with Fr. Joe. 
First Reconciliation Preparation and Celebration is done in the fall, usually during Advent.  Registration takes place in late summer/early fall.

Anointing of the Sick: Available by calling the office. Also known as the sacrament of the Dying, Sacrament is administered by a priest to a  baptized person who is suffering from an illness (physical or emotional) danger of death because of illness or old age, through prayer and the anointing of the body with the oil of the sick.  The proper effects of the sacrament include a special grace of healing and comfort to the Christian who is suffering the infirmities of serious illness or old age, and the forgiving of the person’s sins.

Marriage:  Arrangements should be made at least six months in advance at the Parish office.  Attendance at Pre-Cana is required by the Diocese.

Holy Orders:  The sacrament of Apostolic Ministry by which the mission entrusted by Christ to his apostles continues to be exercised in the church trough the laying on of hands.  This sacrament has three distinct orders: Deacon, Priest and Bishop.


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