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SEAS Mission Statement

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish is an evolving Roman Catholic Community dedicated to meeting the spiritual needs of those in our parish and the surrounding area.  We gather in worship where all are welcome around the table of the Eucharist to be nourished by the Word of God, the Sacraments, and one another so that in our lives we may recognize and use our gifts with joyful creativeness.  As the body of Christ, we are committed to nourishing the spiritual life and well being of ourselves and one another, especially those in need.

Welcome to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish!


We have a history of over 25 years of service that continues today and one that we can be proud of.  Our faith community has been a source of strength and life for so many people; yet, there is much that challenges us to find new ways to serve the needs of the People of God and the society in which we live.  We continually need to commit ourselves to the future and to ways of making our faith alive and growing. 

A community can only give what its members make possible.  Miracles and wonders can happen because we are a community and not just individuals, and so what we share is a fuller expression of faith and love.


Welcome, again, and may God bless you and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish.



Rev. William V. Spilly


This Week at SEAS

Friday, June 26th
      7:00AM Mass

Saturday, June 27th
    4:00-4:45PM Private Confession
    5:00PM Mass
Sunday, June 28th ~ 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Wisdom 1:13-15, 2;23-24, 2 Corinthians 8:7-15,Mark 5:21-43
       9:30AM Mass and Children’s Liturgy of the Word
          11:30AM Mass Father presides at Newman in Brockport
Monday, June 29th
       9:00AM Mass
         6:00PM Mass at Lauta’s
         6:30PM Pastoral Council Meeting at Lauta’s
Tuesday, June 30th

         9:00AM Mass
Wednesday, July 1st
       9:00AM Mass
         6:00PM Softball Practice at the SEAS Diamond
       7:00pm Adult Choir Practice
Thursday, July 2nd
         9:00AM Mass
Friday, July 3rd
        7:00AM Mass
        Church Offices are closed
Saturday, July 4th
       4:00-4:45PM Private Confession
       5:00PM Mass
Sunday, July 5th ~ 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Ezekiel 2:2-5, 2 Corinthians 12:7-10, Mark 6:1-6
      9:30AM Mass and Children’s Liturgy of the Word
      11:30AM Mass Father presides at Newman in Brockport

Registration for Faith Education Classes, Sacramental Preparation, and Youth Ministry
REGISTRATION BEGINS ON STAURDAY, JULY 18th for our Faith Education,  Sacramental Preparation and Youth Ministry Programs. 
Those wishing to prepare and celebrate the Sacraments in 2016 must attend classes.

Registration Form for PreK-5th Grade, and Sacamental Preparation - Click Here!
Registration Form for Youth Ministry - Click Here!

Time Talent and Treasure

Click here for Ministry Descriptions

 Click Here for 2015 Time, Talent, and Treasure Card
Time to make a commitment of your time and talent to the Parish and the community.  If you haven't already filled out a Time, Talent and Treasure form - please click on the link below to review the opportunities available.  There is also a discription sheet if you have any questions.  

SEAS Tithing Committee

SEAS is a stewardship community. We have set up a Tithing Committee to aid in sharing our treasure. The Tithing Committee's mission is to act as honest, concerned and prayerful stewards by looking for those organizations that we may share our treasures with through donation grants. We have posted our guidelines and application on the parish website. The committee would appreciate your feedback on this process and your participation by getting the word out to worthy organizations or providing recommendations for the committee to contact. Please email feedback, questions and recommendations to

Click here Tithing Fund Guidelines
Click here for Tithing Fund Application



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